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The TotaliTEA Solar Eclipse Viewing Tea Party

Ms. B's is typically closed on Mondays, so we will open especially for this spectacular TotaliTEA Solar Eclipse Viewing Tea Party. This is a ticketed event in which attendees can view the solar eclipse while dining on eclipse themed tea party foods. The tea room and tables will be adorned with eclipse themed decorations.

We will offer both outdoor and indoor seating. At each table will be solar eclipse educational information to serve as conversation starters. As typical afternoon tea parties last about 2 hours, the seating for the viewing party will begin at 2:00 PM, with the viewing around 3:00 PM, and ending at 4:00 PM. Guests will be provided with NASA approved glasses in which to view the solar eclipse. All service will halt during the eclipse, so all staff and guests have the opportunity to view the eclipse. Those with indoor seating will have the opportunity to go outside for the viewing and then return to their tables indoors and service will resume. Our desire is to provide a fun and educational venue for this once in a lifetime event.

                                                                                Tickets are now on sale!





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