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Tea List

We are honored and pleased to serve you these amazing teas from our incredible tea partners: Our SpecialTea (Danville, IN), Cup &Kettle (Bloomington, IN), Nelson's Tea (Indianapolis, IN), Empire Tea Services (Columbus, IN), New Mexico Tea Company (Albuquerque, NM), Ohio Tea Company (Canton, OH), and Harney & Sons (Millerton, NY).

We also stock our most popular loose leaf teas and tisanes in our retail bouTEAque. If your favorite is not in the boutTEAque, we are happy to see if we can order it for you. 

*- $.50 additional cost due to cost of tea

**- $1.00 additional cost due to cost of tea

+-Contains nuts

Black Teas


Apricot Black


Bespoke Black


Black Cask Bourbon

Black Cherry Cola

Black Currant

Blackberry Pomegranate*


Cacao Orange Spice


Chocolate Cherry *

Chocolate Earl Grey *


Darjeeling Cream Earl Grey

Earl Grey*

Earl Grey Sunshine

English Breakfast

Formosa Oolong

Ginger’s Oolong

Lady Earl Grey

Lady Londonderry

Lapsang Souchong *

Lychee Black

Market Spice

Milk Oolong *


Mulberry Black

Our SpecialTea Gold

Paris Breakfast

Prickly Pear Oolong

Raspberry Black

Spiced Chai

Strawberry Black

Vanilla Black

White Teas

Blueberry White*

Kiwi Pear White

Kiwi Strawberry

Ontario Icewine **

Royal Wedding *+

Wedding *

White Champagne

White Rose *

Green Teas

Cherry Sencha

Citrus Mint Green

Dragonwell Green *


Lavender Jasmine

Moroccan Mint *

Raspberry Green


Strawberry Champagne

Vanilla Mint Green

Tisanes (Herbal/Caffeine-Free)

1001 Nights

Angel Falls

Banana Nut Muffin+

Blue Lagoon*

Butterfly Pea Flower**


Dragon Breath

Elderberry Punch

French Lemon Creme**

Herbal Chai (Nelson’s)*

Market Spice Rooibos

Pineapple Punch+

Pondi Cherry*

Really Root Beer **

Wild Strawberry

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